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Real-world Examples from the AEC Industry

Join us for an  webinar where engineers will showcase real-world examples of parametric design in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. This highly practical webinar will feature case studies from professionals working in various disciplines, including Structural Engineering, Bridge Design, Railway and Road Design.
Our guest speakers, who are all certified by LearnGrasshopper.com, will share their experiences and demonstrate how Grasshopper has been utilized to automate tasks and streamline workflows in their respective projects. This is a unique opportunity to learn from their firsthand expertise and gain insights into the power of parametric design in the AEC industry.
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The 2nd edition of Grasshopper Fundamentals Training (GFT)8-week training program (with lifetime access) to learn Grasshopper from scratch – will end 22.06.2023. More information about GFT you will find HERE.

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Join me 8th of November at 14:00 CET TIME

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