• Education

    MSc. of Civil Engineering, Gdańsk University of Technology (Bridge Design)
    VDC Certified by Stanford University

  • Work

    For 8 years has been working on the Norwegian infrastructure projects.
    Parametric Design and VDC Specialist at Sweco - European leading consultant company

  • Awards

    Winner of EFCA Future Leader of the Year 2021

    Young Consultant of the Year 2020 in Norway (Årets Unge Rådgiver av RIF)

    The head of the Parametric Design team on Randselva Bridge project - Winner of the Tekla Global BIM Award 2020 for the Worlds Best BIM Project

  • Blog

    Co-founder of the BIMCorner.com blog
    Founder of LearnGrasshopper.com

  • Hobby

    Triathlonist and bikepacking lover

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience gained on the biggest projects in Norway. That’s why I created this  community – learngrasshopper.com and a YouTube channel, to publish practical examples in the field of parametric modelling and task automation. Both in my social channels and at work, I teach people how to learn and use Grasshopper efficiently, as well as share the best Tips & Tricks to save them time and effort.

Privately I enjoy active living – I used to play in the NTNU rugby team in Trondheim participatd in triathlon competitions in various European countries, cycled through Europe and around Cuba. Currently i’m still training for the upcoming triathlon competitions in Norway, love bikepacking and trekking with my wife in Polish and Norwegian mountains.

P.S. If you have any comments or questions just reach out at kris@learngrasshopper.com