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Learn practical application of parametric design

Automate manual design tasks to make your work more efficient

Utilize interoperability - connect several software programs and take your designing to the next level

Start working on innovative projects and technologies on a daily basis

Start working on innovative projects and technologies on a daily basis

Make your work feel less like work and more like something fun to do

Available Trainings


Learn all necessary Grasshopper Fundamentals in a new and highly practical way. I will guide you through the transformation from an “old-school” engineer with zero programming experience to an engineer of the future who can automate… almost everything.

Reach the next level of competence and confidence as a design professional in your current and future career.

Krzysztof Wojslaw

Tekla Structures

Training for all Tekla Structure users who want to automate manual, time-consuming design tasks to increase work efficiency and make it, well and much more fun. A combination of Grasshopper and Tekla Structures allows the creation of more advanced designs and opens the door to more exciting and challenging projects.

Learn Based on the real word-class projects made in Tekla Structures using Grasshopper. 

Krzysztof Wojslaw

Starts in May 2024


Python in AEC Fundamentals is a comprehensive training on the basics of text-based languages in Grasshopper, starting from absolute zero.

Under the supervision of the most excellent experts with experience in the AEC industry and many years of experience in academic teaching. You won’t find better!

Sverre Haakonsen

Starts November 2024


C# in AEC Fundamentals offers an in-depth introduction to text-based programming in Grasshopper, even for complete beginners.

Guided by top-tier professionals with extensive experience in the AEC sector and a long-standing history in academia. It’s unmatched in quality

Marcin Luczkowski

Starts November 2024

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Bridge Engineer at Tyrens


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Student at Chalmers University of Technology


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Anna Łukasik

Senior Railway designer at AECOM


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