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5 Steps to Learn Grasshopper

5 Steps to learn Grasshopper is a guide full of books, exercises, tutorials and videos. Everyone will find something for themselves – regardless of the level of expertise.

With this guide, you will be able to quickly and easily get started with using Grasshopper within Tekla and take your engineering skills to the next level.

This guide will present multiple examples, accompanied by Python scripts and explanations, to help engineers across all disciplines in the AEC sector make the most of programming and transform the work into fun!

Make the next step to becoming an Engineer 4.0 and unlock advanced possibilities in Grasshopper with C# scripts.

Download our interactive learning materials to learn the basics of C# programming. It is easier than you think!

Check out how to be faster in Grasshopper. Download and start to use pop-up shortcuts. List contains 20 shortcuts worth to know while working with Grasshopper.
90% of problems in Grasshopper come from the wrong manipulations of the data tree. In this list you can find the rules on how to build the masks and how to use them with data tree structure.
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